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On Thursday, 7 September 2017 the European Research Council 10 year’s anniversary event took place in the Koninklijke Groote Industrieele Club in Amsterdam. This festive event was jointly organised by Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) UvA-HvA and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) and sponsored by the UvA Lustrum Fund.

Professor Helga Nowotny - founding member and former president of the ERC - gave the keynote speech and Rector Magnificus UvA, Prof. Karen Maex, gave a speech about Impact and Interdisciplinarity.

A mini-Symposium followed with the ERC laureates: Dr Louis Vermeulen MD, AMC Principal Investigator on Tumor Biology, Prof. Sonja Smets, Professor of Logic and Epistemology, Prof. Ralph Wijers, Professor of High-Energy Astrophysics, Prof. Amade M’charek, Professor of Anthropology of Science.

Since the establishment of the European Research Council, UvA and AMC researchers have received 94 ERC grants. UvA is the top host organisation in the Netherlands.

Besides celebrating the jubilee of the European Research Council, UvA and AMC have been granted its 100th ERC grant.