International Criminal Law - Joint programme (International Criminal Law)

Columbia University School of Law and the Amsterdam Law School offer a joint LLM programme in International Criminal Law, with an exchange to the US in the second semester. This Master track is the first to focus on international criminal law as a distinct field of legal study. The central aim of the joint LLM programme is to train a new style of international criminal lawyers who are capable of transcending (disciplinary) borders, by offering a broad and deep understanding of relevant issues pertaining to international and cross-border justice and supporting the development of academic skills through the in-depth analysis of such issues.

Key facts

The programme is unique because of the dual perspective it offers on international criminal law. The International Criminal Law LLM combines insights from a common law focus offered by Columbia Law School with a civil law perspective provided by the Amsterdam Law School.

Study programme

The International Criminal Law programme combines the study of theoretical aspects and foundations of International Criminal Law with its practical application, by offering a workshop in criminal tribunals and providing opportunities to engage in internships.

Related Master programme information

The University of Amsterdam offers two tracks under its Master's programme on International Criminal Law. The second, other track offered by Amsterdam Law School offers a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law, with transnational criminal law courses and opportunities for internships, law clinics and research for courts and tribunals in the Netherlands in the second semester.

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LLM International Criminal Law
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