Biological Sciences: General Biology (track)

The two-year track General Biology in the Master’s programme Biological Sciences is designed for students who do not wish to restrict their focus to one subject in the field of biology. Your study may cover topics such as the molecular mechanisms of a virus or the population dynamics of African elephants.

Is General Biology at the UvA the study for you?

It is, if you:

  • have a solid background in biology;
  • plan to work in areas where a broad knowledge of biology will be useful;
  • want to learn to address issues of global interest;
  • are looking specifically for much freedom to compile your own programme;
  • want the advantages of a small-scale programme, where students and staff all know each other.

What does General Biology at the UvA have to offer me?

The Master’s track General Biology allows you to create your own specific study path within the field of biology. You are free to select your courses from the other tracks in the Biological Sciences Master's programme, related programmes at the University of Amsterdam or even other universities, provided the focus of your study is on Biology.


Webinar Biological Sciences

In this recorded webinar of November 2016, programme director Joost Duivenvoorden and two Master's students inform you about the ins en outs of this two-year Master's Programme.

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MSc Biological Sciences
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