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mw. E. (Ellis) Aizenberg

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Challenges to Democratic Representation
Fotograaf: Jitske Schols

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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  • Postbus 15578
    1001 NB Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Ellis Aizenberg is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and studies the participation, or so called lobbying activity, of corporations in the political process.

    Research topic

    Over the past decades, the presence of individual corporations in the political process has increased substantially in pluralist and corporatist systems. Despite the potential threats this trend forms to democratic systems, our knowledge is limited. The objective of her academic endeavor is to understand why corporations lobby alone through addressing determinants at micro, meso and macro level in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. The wide variety of data types and methods provide a novel insight in the development of the participation of individual corporations in the political process.

    Topics of interest

    • Interest groups
    • Lobbying
    • Quantitative text analysis
    • Time series analysis
    • Media analysis
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