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Academic staff

Latin American Studies

Programme director

“The research projects of the students form the core of the Master’s programme. It is a challenging programme, especially because of the fieldwork in Latin America. As teachers we are very involved in the students’ projects. We often learn as much from them as they from us.”

mw. dr. J.L. (Annelou) Ypeij

Programme Director

Academic staff

dhr. prof. dr. J.M. (Michiel) Baud

Research Theme: History

dhr. prof. dr. R.A. (Rutgerd) Boelens

Research Theme: Political Ecology

dhr. dr. F. (Fabio) de Castro

Research Theme: Brazilian Studies

mw. dr. ir. C.J. (Christien) Klaufus

Research Theme: Human Geography, Urban Studies

mw. prof. dr. B.B. (Barbara) Hogenboom

Research Theme: Political Science

dhr. prof. dr. C.G. (Kees) Koonings

Research Theme: Brazilian Studies

dhr. dr. A. (Arij) Ouweneel

Research Fields: History; Cultural Cognitive Studies